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Warmly congratulate our company products on winning the title of "Suzhou Famous Brand

Date:2015-2-4 15:21

In order to further implement brand development strategy and enhance the market competitiveness of EEW products, the company has successfully won many brand honors. Suzhou City Brand Products Certification Committee declared that "EEW"explosion-proof lamps, "EEW" explosion-proof power distribution devices and "HRLM" explosion-proof circuit breaker won the title of 2015 "Suzhou Brand Products".

The shell of "EEW" explosion-proof lamps produced by HRLM  Technology Co., Ltd. adopts aluminum alloy die casting molding. Its surface is processed with high-pressure electrostatic spray, so it has good heat dissipation, high strength and durability. The lamps adopt the explosion proof structure that integrates screw thread, spigot and bonding, and has good explosion proof performance. The light source adopts ceramic metal halide lamp coupled with special electronic ballast of high stability frequency and high stability of power output, so it has such advantages as wide voltage, high power factor, good light effect, instant start, no visual fatigue life and other advantages. It has been far ahead in the market share in comparison to similar products.



"EEW" explosion-proof power distribution device adopts user-friendly design. It can be produced according to the different requirements of customers. With good sealing and composite structure, it adopts modular design, and the circuit achieves free combination, with overload, short circuit protection and other functions. According to users' requirements, leakage protection can also be realized. It can be used for lighting circuit, distribution or switching of power circuit, and it can also be used for the mixed functions.




HRLM explosion-proof circuit breaker produced by HRLM Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced design and has reliable performance. It is safe and durable. With its excellent brand and excellent quality assurance, it won the title of "2015 Suzhou Brand".



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