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Warmly congratulate the setup of national postdoctoral research station in HRLM Technology

Date:2012-1-11 15:17

In April 21, there is a good news came from Jiangsu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that HRLM Technology Incorporated Company successfully passed the expert review, and was approved to set up "National postdoctoral research station" according to the approved list of 2016 post-doctoral research stations released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee. This also indicates that the first national scientific research carrier in explosion-proof industry was formally established, and it opened up new channels for the future introduction and training of high-level and highly skilled personnel.


Postdoctoral research station refers to the organization that has been approved to recruit and cultivate post-doctoral research personnel in the enterprise, scientific research and production institution and special regional organization. As a post-doctoral innovation practice base, it bridges the high-tech talents and enterprises in our country, and proves to be a new path of integrating production, learning and research. In recent years, HRLM Technology Co., Ltd. continues to establish and improve the technological innovation and technology development system, and organizes scientific and technological research. By relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation, and cultivating the core technology, it is specialized in the production of explosion proof electrical appliances, explosion proof lamps, explosion proof pipes, explosion proof instruments, explosion proof fans and other series of products for factory use, which have been widely used in petrochemical industry, coal power, bio-medicine, aerospace, national defense and military industry and other industries related to national security and national economic lifeline. As the class-A supplier of Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC, the company has established strategic cooperation with Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd., Sinochem Group, Shenhua Group, China Coal Group,Yankuang Group, EPC of large design institute as well as other large enterprises. Its sales has ranked the forefront of the industry for three consecutive years. It is now the  deputy agent unit of China Explosion-Proof Electrical Appliances Association, and one of the backbone enterprises in the domestic explosion-proof industry.

In accordance with the standard of national laboratory and testing laboratory for school-enterprise cooperation, the company simultaneously invests RMB 10 million in the procurement of distribution photometer, spectrum analyzer, universal testing machine, temperature and humidity alternating test chamber and other thermal equipment, optical equipment, mechanical equipment and physical environment testing equipment, thus laying the foundation of equipment for the successful declaration of national post-doctoral research station.

The success of the national postdoctoral research station is a new breakthrough in the construction of the technological innovation platform by the company. It will promote the deep cooperation among the company, universities and scientific research institutes, accelerating the construction of the technological innovation system, creating positive conditions for the company's introduction of high-level talents and improvement in  scientific and technologicalresearch and development, and further enhance the company's independent research and development capabilities and core competitiveness.

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