BDM Series Explosion-proof Cable Gland

Suitable for using in IIA,IIB,IIC Explosion hazardous gas zone1 and zone2.
Combustible dust IIIA,IIIB,IIIC zone 21 and zone 22
IP code: IP66
Ex-Mark: Ex db IIC Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb,Ex tb IIIC Db.
I II 2G Ex db IIC Gb, II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db
ATEX Cert. No.: CML 17 ATEX 1026X
IECEx Cert. No.: IECEx CML 17.0014X
EAC CU-TR Cert. No.:RU C-CN.AЖ58.B.00320/20