The upbeat outlook has been fueled by Australia’s domestic gas industry which is growing rapidly,creating valuable jobs, export income and tax revenue.
Today, gas is vital to our national economy and modern lifestyles so providing a reliable and
affordable supply of gas to local customers remains a focus.
While companies’ have experienced growth, there are many challenges facing the industry and the global energy market more broadly. These include producing more and cleaner energy for customers and delivering greater economic value while maintaining competitiveness.
The debate over meeting Australia’s and the world’s energy needs, while reducing emissions, has never been more important. The APPEA 2019 Conference and Exhibition in Brisbane will provide an exciting opportunity for the industry to meet and engage on key issues.

APPEA 2019

Exhibition: APPEA 2019
Date: 2019 May 27-30
Address: Brisbane, Australia
Booth No.: 179

Post time: Dec-24-2020