On 17th June, the distinguished client Mr. Mathew Abraham from Online Cables (Scotland) Limited, the top service company specializing in the management and supply of electrical cables and other electrical products to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide, visited the Suzhou Headquarter of Sunleem Technology Incorporated Company.

Factory Audit and Approval from Online Cable

Mr. Arthur Huang, the General Manager of International Business Division accompanied Mr. Mathew on visiting the workshops and the exhibition hall of the company. Mr. Arthur introduced the history and current development of Sunleem to Mr. Mathew and Mr. Mathew was deeply impressed by the scale of the company and the degree of automation and intelligence.

Earlier in this May, our international marketing department had submitted the pre-qualification documents to Online Cables. Through this audit, our company was qualified as supplier of Online Cables.

Post time: Jul-25-2023