Algeria is currently the second largest country in Africa, with a population of about 33 million. Algeria’s economic scale is among the highest in Africa. Oil and natural gas resources are very rich, known as the “North African Oil Depot”. Its oil and natural gas industry is the backbone of Azerbaijan’s national economy. For many years, its output value has accounted for 30% of Afghanistan’s GDP, taxation accounts for 60% of national fiscal revenue, and exports. Algeria is currently the largest oil development market in North Africa, and it is also a country with a more developed oil industry in Africa. The largest international oil and gas exhibition in North Africa-Algeria Hasi International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition has been successfully hosted for five sessions. Exhibitors are world-renowned oil and gas companies such as BP, STATOIL, National Petroleum Corporation, REPSOL.

SUNLEEM is looking forward to meet you in this NAPEC 2018.

Exhibition: NAPEC 2018
Date: 25th March 2018 – 28th March 2018
Booth No.: A2-02

Post time: Dec-24-2020