We Have Entered a New Era of Common Spectrum Developments Together!



On January 23rd, 2018, Sunleem Technology Incorporated Company held the 2017 Annual Summary Commendation Conference in the Xin Huangdai Hotel, which is located in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. More than 600 employees and specially invited guests attended the conference!

Mr. Zheng Zhenxiao, chairman and general manager of the company, made an important speech at the conference and also a summary and review of the work of the past year. In 2017, We focused on the work principle of "fixing force quality, strengthening service, focusing on innovation, change and trust, and expanding intelligent manufacture", and made great progress in various work. Production capacity and per capita output value have been greatly improved. We've achieved a 30 percent year-on-year growth in sales performance and paid 28 million yuan in state taxes, and We introduced 16 leading suppliers in the industry such as Osram, Seoul and Inventronics, and purchased 39 sets of industry-leading intelligent and automatic production and testing equipment, which has laid a solid foundation for the quality of the company and the development of intelligent manufacture. Many important attempts and significant breakthroughs have been made in the fields of Sinopec EPEC, intelligent product line and civil-military integration. Sunleem was rated as "Service-oriented Manufacturing Model Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", " Star Digital Enterprise in Jiangsu Province ", "Key Laboratory of Suzhou", "Suzhou Specialization Enterprise of New," Well-known Trademarks in Suzhou ", "Energy-saving Products of Suzhou", " Informatization and Industrialization Demonstration Enterprise in Suzhou" and other honors and qualifications. We accumulated a new kinetic energy and a new step to create a new era under the new normal speed up development, innovation and development of a new situation!

In the face of the New Year, Chairman Zheng suggested that the new era should be guided by new ideas, new actions should be taken, and new developments should be made. In 2018, We should focus on the following seven aspects: "expanding the field of performance improvement, gathering talents to cultivate the backbone, integrating intelligent manufacturing with informatization and industrialization, coordinating ability of service awareness, emancipating the mind sharing development, innovation pilot of system and mechanism, preventing and resolving major risks", which are the top priorities of the whole year. In addition, the "quality of determination, service enhancement, focus on innovation, change and trust and development of intelligent manufacturing" established in 2017 should be constantly pursued as a regular work, which can only be strengthened without any relaxation.
Chairman Zheng emphasized on the development of SUNLEEM relying on all staff and we should benefit the staff. It is the cadres and staff who take SUNLEEM step by step and grow to today. The future of SUNLLEEM will also belong to all the staff. We should let everyone share the dividend from the development, the joy of success and rich fruit. We must work together for a warm and harmonious "family"!The development of SUNLEEM will not leave any loyal employees behind!


The conference commended the outstanding performance of advanced collective and individual in 2017, and some advanced representatives made typical speeches. At the gala dinner, colleagues of the Administrative Department, Financial Department, Sales Department, International Trade Department and employees' children jointly presented a wonderful performance. The 2017 Annual Summary Commendation Conference ended with a happy song and laughter.





Chairman Zheng leaded board members to toast.










Chairman Zheng handed out company's year-end red packets.

Post time: Feb-08-2018